Payment Integrity Audit – Underpayment Recovery

Recover your lost dollars through a retrospective review of paid claims

Facility and Physician Underpayment
Retrospective Claim Review
Coding and Billing Insights
Contractual Reimbursement Validations
$ 0 M
1- 0 %
Underpaid Claims
0 %
Recovery Rates
$5-$ 0 K
Recovery Per Claim
0 +
Underpaid Trend Scenarios

Zero Balance to Infinity

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Recover millions of dollars by converting your zero balance claims inventory into a source of additional revenue.

360° Review

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Incisive 3P (Patient-Provider-Payer) perspective, accurate contractual reimbursements, and facilitating billing/coding compliance.

Predictive Analytics

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State-of-the-art technology combining human investigative insights with machine learning and AI.

Data Marshall’s Payment Integrity Audit services generate “Wealth from Waste” for hospitals, physicians and physician groups. It is estimated that the providers are underpaid 1-3%. These underpayments result in the loss of millions of dollars which can hit the bottom line of your systems. We offer an investment free approach to recover unclaimed revenue from closed claim inventory. Our expertise lies in interpreting Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care and Commercial health plans.


Payer Expertise

(Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care and Commercials)


No Threshold on Underpayments Recovered

Contractual Reimbursement Validation

Billing Insights

Transfer DRG

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