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Accelerate Collections, Maximize Reimbursements

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Accounts Receivables and Claims Denial Management services for Acute, Physicians, and Specialty care providers, who want to improve their clean claims rates, better manage their denied claims population, ensure expert level appeals management, and attain improved cash flows. Whether you want to outsource all of your Revenue Cycle Management functions or just the critical A/R and denials management tasks, you can count on Data Marshall to bring you valuable net returns.

Our Features

How do you Benefit?

Tangible Benefits

  • Increase in revenue from denial inventory
  • Dip in timely filing denials
  • Increase in payments from low dollar claims

Intangible Benefits

  • Insights on billing and coding process, fix internal gaps to avoid denials
  • Increase in first pass collection ratio
  • Dip in denial percentage
  • Effective utilization of internal resources
  • Timely resolution of the inventory

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