'Excellence in Innovation'
by Indo-American Chambers of Commerce

Data Marshall is proud to announce that it has won the prestigious award for “Excellence in Innovation” award at the 11th Indo American Corporate Excellence Awards for the year 2015.

Press Release
11th Indo-American Corporate Excellence Awards
July, 28, 2015, Mumbai

The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce celebrated the 11th Indo-American Corporate Excellence Awards on July 28 in Mumbai. The awards program was intended to recognize and inspire companies in various sectors which are doing outstanding work in their respective fields. The awards ceremony was attended by an audience of over 500, comprising eminent Indian and American leaders from all walks of life. Amongst the Indian companies in the US category, the Excellence in innovation was won by Data Marshall Pvt Ltd. for its pioneering work in the ‘Payment Integrity Audit’ services for US hospitals. Data Marshall is one of the very few healthcare Revenue Analytical companies (especially in the Payment Integrity space for Hospitals) in U.S; and the only Indian company to provide the Revenue analytical services both from an onshore & offshore location.

Mr. Ravi Ryali, the Co Founder of Data Marshall, received the award on behalf of the organization and mentioned that he was “thrilled to receive the prestigious award from IACC and consider it a recognition of our efforts to create WEALTH FROM WASTE, ABANDONED & CLOSED CLAIMS for the hospitals”. As per the latest US government reports over 56 billion dollars worth of claims have been underpaid. This number has been increasing over the past 5 years and is expected to rise going forward considering the changing healthcare guidelines, and the dynamic nature of the healthcare sector. Mr. Ryali also exuded confidence that Data Marshall can serve the Indian “over the next decade, we see a huge scope & potential for Payment Integrity Audit in India with the healthcare sector moving towards adopting the US healthcare structure, and anticipate that Payment Integrity Audit services will contribute towards ensuring compliance adherence by the insurance organizations, hospitals & patients”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sharath Kumar, the Vice President for Healthcare services said “It’s a huge honour to receive this award!! The stupendous success of this initiative is a testimony of the deep domain expertise, conviction & untiring efforts of the entire team”.

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